Regain Your Sense of Calm with Anxiety Therapy in Bethesda, MD

At Daybreak Psychiatry, Dr. Rawat can help you to regain your sense of calm by providing you with the anxiety treatment you need to overcome your fears and worries.

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Common Signs that You Need Anxiety Treatment

  • Being around people causes you stress. If you are invited to a party or dinner with friends and family and start to sweat, worry, or become concerned that you may embarrass yourself or not know what to do – you could have an anxiety disorder.
  • You become worried that bad things will happen everywhere you go. There is a certain amount of fear that is perfectly natural. For example, being worried that you could get bit by a snake in the jungle – that is normal. However, if you start to worry that snakes are going to jump out at you during the neighborhood barbeque, you could have anxiety disorder.
  • Your anxiety is not going away. If you experience stress, worry, fear and anxiety on a particularly bad day, that could be exactly that – a bad day. Anxiety disorders typically will not go away or ease over time. In fact, they tend to get worse. If your anxiety is building and will not dissipate, you could need anxiety treatment in order to relax and feel calm again.

Anxiety Therapy in Bethesda, Maryland Can Help You to Enjoy Life Again

There are several ways that Dr. Rawat can treat your anxiety. When you visit Daybreak Psychiatry, Dr. Rawat will begin by getting to know you and asking questions about how you feel, what your worries and concerns are, and how you handle things on a daily basis. If there are certain things that make you feel more anxious than others – talk about it. Some people need exposure therapy to slowly become accustomed to being near their fears. Through gradual exposure, those fears can go away.

Other times, anxiety treatment is necessary to create a sense of acceptance regarding how to handle life events. By learning how to gain a sense of calm and approaching things with acceptance, you may gain control over your emotions so that you can also regain control over your life. This type of therapy is called acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Medication Can Help, As Part of Your Anxiety Treatment in Bethesda, MD

Dr. Rawat may use medication to help you to regain your sense of calm. Very often, the combination of anxiety therapy and medication can work to reduce the sense of fear and worry that you feel. While both can be effective, the combination of the two of them can produce the best and most dramatic results. The goal of therapy is to provide you with the tools that you need to deal with your negative and stressful emotions on a daily basis. Once you learn how to do so, you may no longer need to take medication.

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