If you live in Baltimore, MD and are suffering from anxiety, call Daybreak Psychiatry at 410-305-9083. Dr. Rawat can help you to overcome your fears so that you can boldly embrace life, rather than constantly looking over your shoulder or fearing what is coming around the corner. Many people live with anxiety that overcomes them. You do not have to be one of them.

Anxiety Therapy is Effective

You can experience real results with anxiety treatment in Baltimore, Maryland. Whether your anxiety is focused on a particular object, like being afraid of elevators or you have feelings of anxiety about life in general – therapy can help. The first step is to identify what is causing your anxiety. Narrowing it down is a critical component of the treatment. During conversations with Dr. Rawat, you can isolate your fears so that they can be addressed.

There are Several Types of Anxiety Treatment in Baltimore, MD

There is no one-size-fits-all anxiety therapy. The solutions that are right for you may not work for someone else and so on. At Daybreak Psychiatry, Dr. Rawat will create a treatment plan after spending time learning about you, your anxiety, and how you handle everyday life. Very often, treatment will begin with medication. If you are hesitant to take anything, know that this can be temporary. As your therapy progresses you may no longer need to take medication on a daily basis. Originally, however, this can help you to gain a new sense of calm while you learn to cope with, and control, the emotions that you are feeling.

When you visit Daybreak Psychiatry, Dr. Rawat may discuss several treatment options with you including exposure therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, interpersonal therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. You may only need one type of anxiety treatment or several may be combined to produce the results that you need. For example, if you are afraid of an elevator, you may need exposure therapy so that you can slowly become comfortable with being inside and riding one. If you are fearful of life events it is more likely that you will need acceptance and commitment therapy where you learn to accept and embrace the world around you.

Anxiety Therapy in Baltimore, Maryland is Unique to You

Remember that regardless of why you are experiencing anxiety, your treatment will be unique and customized for your particular needs. There is no magic bullet when it comes to therapy. There is only commitment and hard work. It can take time to fully eliminate any anxiety that you are feeling, but doing so is critical to your emotional health and well being both now and in the future. Be open with Dr. Rawat about what your experiences are and what you are looking to accomplish so that he can develop a treatment plan that will produce the results you are looking for.

Patients Love Dr. Rawat!
At Daybreak Psychiatry, we understand the value of happy patients. Our goal is for all of our patients to have a positive experience while receiving therapy. Dr. Rawat’s commitment to providing the best possible care is why patients throughout Baltimore trust us with their anxiety treatment.

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