Signs That You Could Benefit from Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Bethesda, Maryland

For help with anxiety or depression in Bethesda, MD, call Dr. Rawat at 410-305-9083. At Daybreak Psychiatry, Dr. Rawat offers Cognitive Behavior Therapy that can help you to live a full life, free from fear and worry. This type of therapeutic treatment will give you tools that you can use for the rest of your lifetime.

If You Have These Symptoms, Call for Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Bethesda, MD

  • Feelings of anxiety.
  • Loss of hope.
  • Severe and persistent fatigue.
  • Intense fear of situations.
  • No interest in life.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Bethesda, MD: The Process

Your therapy sessions will begin by becoming comfortable and relaxed working with Dr. Rawat. It is essential to develop a sense of trust so that you are comfortable in expression yourself. Cognitive Behavior Therapy helps you to identify your inaccurate thinking. By discussing the things that make you feel afraid or anxious or what you are particularly distraught about, Dr. Rawat can help you to identify your negative thoughts. In many cases, the events or objects that make you feel anxious are not what you perceive them to be. By learning how to view and process life events differently, you can begin to approach your life with hope and optimism, rather than fear. Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Bethesda, Maryland, gives you the tools that you need to change your approach to life in general.
You will learn how to manage life situations in a positive way when you come in for regular treatment. Some patients need additional assistance to gain an initial set of calm. If you are in this situation, you may be prescribed medication to take on an initial basis. Whether this is temporary or long-term depends on how well you respond to the therapy.

How Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Bethesda, MD Can Help You

Since this therapy focuses on identifying negative thinking and improving your coping skills, it can help with the following:

  • Treat mental illness when you cannot take medication due to pregnancy or poor responses to it.
  • Prevent a relapse.
  • Help you to cope with loss and grief after the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, etc.
  • Feel better when you are living with chronic pain from an illness or injury.
  • Overcome a traumatic emotional event like an attack.
  • Help you to manage stress at work or at home so that it no longer controls your life.
  • Give you better interpersonal skills to benefit your relationship.

Call Daybreak Psychiatry for Cognitive Behavior Therapy Today!

You do not have to live with fear, anxiety, worry and depression. If you are tired of living your life this way or waking up in a constant state of gray, call 410-305-9083 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rawat. You do not have to do this on your own but you do need to make that first phone call. Afterwards, you will have an advocate in health care that will work with you to drastically change and improve your life.

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