If You Have No Energy, You Could Benefit From Depression Treatment in Bethesda, MD

If you feel constantly fatigued and as if you do not have enough energy to go out with your friends, take the kids to the park or get your work done – you could be depressed. These common symptoms of listlessness tend to plague those suffering from depression. At Daybreak Psychiatry, Dr. Rawat knows that depression is a real disease and far more significant than simply having a bad day. If your listlessness, lack of vigor, or constant fatigue is persistent, you should call 410-305-9083 to speak with Dr. Rawat and determine if you are indeed depressed.

Fatigue Can Signify the Need for Depression Treatment in Bethesda, MD If…

  • You cannot stay awake during normal activities.
  • Playing with your kids is no longer an option due to how tired you are.
  • You are too tired to meet with friends, watch your favorite show, or do anything else that you normally would love to do.
  • The fatigue feels like a weight on your body.
  • You do not feel rested no matter how long you sleep at night.
  • The exhaustion feels like you are sick but you are actually in perfect health.

Depression Treatment is Common

Many people think that there is a stigma associated with being depressed and seeking treatment. In reality, there are millions of adults that suffer from depression every day. Whether you live in Bethesda, Maryland or throughout the country – it is important to seek treatment so that you can recover. Pretending that you are not depressed and shoving it under the rug will only make your problems feel more intense.

Why Depression Therapy in Bethesda, Maryland Works

When Dr. Rawat first meets you, he will ask a variety of questions to learn more about you, your physical and emotional health, your lifestyle, goals, etc. This is beneficial in creating a dynamic treatment plan that addresses all of the factors that could be causing you depression. For example, hormonal or physical imbalances will need to be treated with medication. Depression caused by lifestyle issues will require that those particularly depressing situations change. By addressing every potential cause for the depression, Dr. Rawat makes it possible to recover. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation where only half of your problems are addressed and the depression comes back as a result.

Dr. Rawat at Daybreak Psychiatry Can Help to Restore Your Energy and Quality of Life!

If you are tired of being tired, call 410-305-9083 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rawat. When you visit Daybreak Psychiatry in Bethesda, Maryland, you can begin the treatment necessary to regain your energy and your life. Rather than being too tired to catch a movie with friends, grab dinner, or play with your kids, you can be full of energy and full of life. All it takes is a comprehensive depression treatment. Dr. Rawat also recommends that you have an emergency physician that can treat you quickly if your health suddenly deteriorates.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call 410-305-9083.

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