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Dr. Alok Rawat M.D., providing evidenced-based treatment for Anxiety and Depression

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Dr. Alok Rawat’s experience as a psychiatrist began with his residency at University of Vermont, under the supervision of Alan Budney. He learned to apply cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for clients struggling with anxiety and depression.

In 2003, Dr. Alok Rawat developed his private practice, Daybreak Psychiatry, offering medication management and psychotherapy and also worked as a psychiatrist at the University of Vermont student health center. In 2006, Dr. Rawat returned to Maryland and established his outpatient practice helping clients deal with their anxiety and depression.

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  • Has a human answering the phone
  • Evaluations and follow up are available within one week
  • Emphasis on explicit and tangible goals AKA reversing impairment and meeting expectations
  • Options for therapy or medication management
  • Two convenient locations
  • Free parking

“Understanding that emotions are contagious is a huge step in overcoming the fears and anxiety in life and our discomfort should be viewed as an opportunity for positive transformation.”

Dr. Alok Rawat, M.D.