Looking for a Board-Certified Psychiatrist in Bethesda, Columbia & Ellicott City,Maryland?

We can typically see clients within a week at one of our convenient psychiatrist’s offices in Bethesda, & Columbia, Maryland.

Dr. Rawat’s goal as a Bethesda psychiatrist is to have your intellectual and professional objectives met. He often asks his clients: “If I waved a magic wand and ‘fixed’ you, how would your life be different once you left my office?” The answers to that question will likely dictate the direction of therapy, which may include cognitive behavioral therapy and/or medication management. Your expectations can be met or exceeded, and your true potential can be realized.

unnamed“Happiness is having your expectations met or exceeded.” ~ Dr. Rawat

Most of our clients are busy professionals who struggle with a combination of mood instability or anxiety. We understand the logistical difficulty of scheduling appointments, so we try to make this as easy as possible by having one of Dr. Rawat’s assistants available to answer calls during office hours. Our clients’ health and time are valued, so Daybreak strives to make scheduling therapy as seamless as possible

Evidence Based Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

By considering variables such as work, relationships, exercise, diet, and previous treatment, therapy is customized with our clients’ goals explicitly in mind. With the appropriate therapy, anxiety and mood disorders are 100 percent reversible. In fact, our clients typically see results within just a few sessions. The choice is yours

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