Fees and Insurance

Our fees are listed below with payment options for your convenience. At this time, Daybreak Psychiatry does not accept insurance. However, patients are provided a bill to submit to their insurance providers for reimbursement, should they wish to do so. We recommend contacting one’s insurance company to review out-of-network coverage if this is an important consideration. If you have any questions regarding your initial evaluation or deposit, please feel free to contact us.

New Patient Deposit – $50

We ask that new patients provide a $50 deposit toward their initial fees with the doctor. You may call or email if you need to cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment, and we will refund you the deposit.

Initial Evaluation – $350 /60 Minutes

The first appointment is an opportunity for you to meet with Dr. Rawat and decide if you can work together. During this first consultation, Dr. Rawat will make recommendations regarding further evaluations, medications, and therapy.

Psychotherapy (with or without medication management) – $200 /60 Minutes

Medication Management – $175 /30 Minutes