Dr Alok Rawat – Board-Certified Psychiatrist in Bethesda, Columbia, Ellicott City, Maryland

Dr. Alok Rawat’s experience as a psychiatrist began with his residency at University of Vermont, under the supervision of Alan Budney. He learned to apply cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to anxiety and treated clients in an outpatient setting, along with running groups for families with depression.

Dr. Alok Rawat collaborated with economists at George Mason regarding health care access and was on the economic task force for American Academy of Child and Adolescence Psychiatry during his senior year of residency. It’s also worth noting that Vernon Smith’s Group was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for Smart Market Design.

In 2003, Dr. Alok Rawat developed his private practice, Daybreak Psychiatry, offering medication management and psychotherapy with an emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy. He was also the psychiatrist at the University of Vermont student health center, and though he found the job extremely rewarding, he wanted to return to Maryland. Since 2006, Dr. Rawat has been doing outpatient work with adults in the D.C. and Baltimore area.

“Understanding that emotions are contagious is a huge step in overcoming the fears and anxiety in life and our discomfort should be viewed as an opportunity for positive transformation.” ~ Dr. Alok Rawat

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