Are you accepting new patients? 


When are you available?

Within the week for new appointments and follow ups. 

Where are you located?

In Ellicott City and Bethesda.

Do you accept insurance? 

No, but I do give billing sheets that clients can submit for reimbursement.

What are your rates? 

$350 for an evaluation which is an hour long

$200 for one hour follow up

$175 for 30 minute follow up

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call 410-305-9083 during office hours. We have someone answering the phone so people don’t have to go through  an obnoxious phone menu.

What types of clients do you see?

Adults who worry too much aka anxiety and /or are sad aka… depression.

What is the goal of treatment?

To stabilize the clients mood and anxiety and reverse any impairments.

What does impairment mean? 

Not doing something one would normally do because of a psychiatric condition such as: hobbies, tasks at work, or socializing.

Do you do therapy ?

Yes, I do cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

What is cognitive behavioral therapy?

It’s a form of therapy tailored to change one’s thinking to solution driven.  People feel like victims of their mood or anxiety. Once they realize they are a consumer of the things the world has to offer they have options. Most things we worry about are unlikely to happen or if they did happen we would be OK anyway. More importantly, we can make choices that will likely steer things towards a desired outcome.

Do you write for addictive drugs?

No. That’s our policy as it usually creates more problems. Anesthetizing or overstimulating people with addictive meds is not a great idea.

Do you fill out disability paperwork?

No.  If someone is so impaired by a condition that they are unable to work or go to school, they should be seen in an intensive outpatient setting, as they need a higher level of care.