We offer a wide variety of collaborative psychiatric services. Are you looking to find healing or work through difficult life transitions?
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We offer a wide variety of collaborative psychiatric services:

Romo Counseling 
Psychotherapy in English and Spanish for Adults and Adolescents
Terapia en Español e Inglés para Adultos y Adolescentes
Day Break works in collaboration with Romo Counseling, LLC providing bilingual therapy to adolescents and adults on issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, abusive relationships, and issues adjusting to a new culture

Scott Holzman, PhD – Visit Website
For couples who are separating or divorcing, I am trained as a mediator, a collaborative divorce coach, a child specialist, and a parent coordinator. As a collaborative practitioner, I often work with a team that includes attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial specialists to help couples resolve their disputes respectfully, without going to court.